Stalled Start

I love long weekends.  I don’t know many people that don’t like having an extra day off.  Usually, three-day weekends are something to be celebrated.


We didn’t realize when we booked our flight that we were coming in on a long weekend.  Not just a three-day weekend, but a four-day thanks to an added “down day”.  Those types of weekends are like Christmas.


The exception this time is we can’t get anything accomplished.  Whenever you do a military move, there are check lists and in-processing that has to be done.   A lot of; do A before doing B, see X then go see Y, go to briefings 1,2, & 3, etc.

You can’t do that on a four-day weekend.  You also can’t access your mail box that you’ve been forwarding all of your mail to for almost a month, can’t begin looking for a house (even though your 30-day clock began when you check in to TLF), can’t sign up kids for extracurricular activities, can’t contact the finance office to ensure everything is in order and file travel vouchers, can’t take the mandatory German driver’s test (therefore, you’re not allowed to drive anywhere)… there’s a lot of can’t right now.

We have spent the past two months in the “hurry-up and wait mode” that we were ready to hit the ground running when we got to Germany.  Frustratingly though, we are still waiting to get things started.

In the meantime, we have been trying to get as much done as we can on our own (with what’s open).  Here’s a list of what we (by we, I mostly mean Jonathan) have been able to do so far:  start contacting potential rental houses to set up go-see appointments, set up a German banking account, bought a local track-phone, start the process to unlock our existing phones (the networks from the US to Germany are not compatible and there’s a process you have to go through to activate an existing cell phone), registered for a gas ration card, and start looking for a car to buy.

It really hasn’t taken that long to do, and now we’re back to the waiting game.

So, since we can’t do much else, tomorrow we will go to a festival in one of the nearby towns with our friends from Charleston.  I’m not even sure what it is for, but we’re looking forward to seeing something other than the base.  I’m taking my camera and hope to start sharing picture with you.



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