Fiddlesticks & Finger Crossing

I’ve found my camera and have started taking pictures. I think I have some good ones from a trip to a wine festival we took this past weekend. The hangup is I can’t find my cable to upload my photos from my camera to my computer, and none of the laptops we brought with us have card readers. I will keep looking and if it doesn’t show up, hope that it will arrive when we take delivery of our household goods shipment. Of course, I could just go out and purchase another one, however, I’m sure the moment I do, my original will show up. So, if by the time we’re all unpacked and I still can’t find it, I’ll break down and buy a new one.

On another note, we have started the great house hunt! Things are pretty cut-throat around here. There’s a high demand for housing and places get snatched up pretty quickly. We drove out about 25 minutes to a small village and fell in love with an older house. It has plenty of space, enough German quirkiness to make our experience “authentic”, and it’s available to move in as soon as possible.

The landlords name is Franz and speaks slightly more English than we speak German, which made for an interesting, but friendly, first meeting. It’s a three story house, with two garages, six bedrooms, two bathrooms, two kitchens, dinning room, terraced backyard read for a garden, a garden house, three balconies, and a covered patio. There’s lots of storage space and looks as though it may have been two apartments with a shared entrance at one time. It’s really much more than we expected to find.

Now, we have to complete the housing briefings, get an appointment with housing, and have the contract approved. Provided everything goes smoothly, we could be moving in within the next two weeks.


3 thoughts on “Fiddlesticks & Finger Crossing

  1. Oooh, sounds like plenty of room for visitors! Good luck and will say a little prayer that this is “the one!”

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