Wander und fahren

Walking/hiking is a big deal in German. At least where we are located, there are trails, often paved, between the villages.  It’s very common to see cyclists and walkers along them.  There are places to park, typically located on the edges of the village.  Since parking in the villages is often limited, this allows you to walk in, walk out, or walk in-between.  We have several of these parking areas between the base and our house and we’ve wanted to investigate them since we arrived.  Unfortunately, the weather has not been cooperating for the past two weeks.  Then finally, yesterday, was the first day in quite a while where we saw blue sky.  It seems a lot of people also had the same idea, it was time to get out, enjoy the sun’s rays, and the outdoors before the chill of winter really sets in (average temps right now are mid to high 50’s (F) during the day and into the low 40’s at night).

This day we had chosen an unpaved path through a forest.  There were multiple paths to choose from, and while we were the only ones on our path, we did cross with a few other families at different cross-roads.  We had come across one when I tried to snap a picture of the kids.  Everyone is distracted by a couple of horse riders out for the afternoon.

After our walk we decided to drive up to the house (just a few more days until we move in).  The light was beautiful and I had my camera with me, so, I snapped a few photos along the way.  Remember, these were taken from a moving car, but you’ll get the idea of just how lovely this country is.

These were taken on the drive we’ll probably be making the most often, from our house to the base.  Fall colors are just starting to set in.

After buzzing the house, we followed a road out of the village we had never been on.  It follows the mountain, right behind our house.  More farmland and eventually another small village.

(I can’t wait for the rest of my photography stuff to arrive – and my desktop.  The picture quality should improve after we get settled and I have access to all of my gear and editing programs)

Finally, we turned around.  It was dinner time and the kids were starting to go stir crazy.  I couldn’t help a few more pictures coming back down from the mountain, into the back side of the village.



3 thoughts on “Wander und fahren

  1. Just wait until you find your village weinstubbe! You are going to have such a wonderful time… you will love Germany, and it will love you back as only Germany can when people see you are gobbling up their country like hot buttered brotchen. Enjoy EVERY MOMENT. (I love that your kids will remember living there. Mine were too little to remember much…Ben was born there.) Hint regarding Christmas: the Christkindlemarkts in the smaller, ancient towns are far more wonderful than the huge ones like Nuremberg. Go on a lightly snowy evening as it’s getting dark–Christmas magic. Gruss gott!

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