Feeling Guilty

No, I haven’t forgotten about this blog already.  We had hit a rhythm and I had established a routine.  It was also beautiful weather and we were trying to get out to enjoy the county as much as possible.  Then, I signed the girls up for a Girl Scout troop, started looking for a Boy Scout troop for Bravo, and have all three in a PE group once a week.  My days have been getting fuller and I am again, seeking balance.  Of course, it doesn’t help that the calendar is quickly filling up with holiday commitments, and some tentatively planned trips.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this blog is updated in spits and spurts through to the new year.

So, a brief overview of the past few weeks.

We have been on several walks on various trails in the local area.  I really believe we could go on a different trail every time we venture out and never need to repeat one, there are so many to explore.

We went back to Hirtscherhof to pick up pumpkins.  Our friend L and her two kids met us there.  We had pumpkin brats and a wonderful pumpkin soup.  I do have some photos from that excursion.










We took the kids trick-or-treating on the base.  Meeting up again with L, her hubby, and kids.  It quickly got cold, was very crowded, but a lot of fun.  We were only out about an hour and a half.  Enough for the kids to get a few days worth of candy, but nothing ridiculous.  In fact, there wasn’t even enough for the Candy Fairy to visit this year.

November started off cold and dreary.  The first two weeks were overcast and rainy.  Finally the sun broke through and has brought the chill of winter with it.  The leaves that are left on the trees have lost their vibrancy and are more brown than gold and amber.  But the fields are still as green as ever.  The skies have been dynamic and constantly changing.  Still have yet to see a cloudless day.  I don’t mind it though, it’s all so amazing no matter the weather.  And this morning I saw for the first time in the weather forecast, a slight chance of snow for next week.

I’m off now, time for PE and some errands on base.  I do plan on making a post in the near future with photos from my cell phone.  I haven’t located my battery charger for my camera and since the good ol’ iPhone is my constant companion, it has become my “poor man’s Mary” in the photography department.


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