It’s been pretty overcast and dreary the past few weeks.  Not too much sunlight to speak of since New Year’s Eve.  Today the sun came out, and it was glorious (yes, I’m being dramatic… you’d understand if you too, had started to forget what blue sky looked like).  I spent a bit of the afternoon up in the library, watching the puffy clouds quickly roll by.


Then, I was surprised when The Hubs came home early, a little after 3:30.  About 4:30 I convinced him to go with me up to the top of the hills behind our house.  I’ve posted a few phone photos from this area before, but this evening I took my camera.  We stayed out for about 30 minutes, stopping in a few spots.  We came home before the sun hit the horizon, so I didn’t get any photos of the clouds turning pink then purple, but that’s ok.  There will be other opportunities for cotton candy cloud photos.

IMG_6702The colors and tones during some of the moments as the sun set reminded me of Tolkein based artwork.


Auf  Wiedersehen!


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