Dormero Hotel – Stuttgart

We had impromptu opportunity arise to travel to Stuttgart for a few days.  We left Sunday night and returned Wednesday early afternoon.  It was a great trip for us, and while there I took the kids to the zoo and the Schlossplatz.  But as we… literally… just got back, I’m too pooped to edit all of the photos I took.  So, this initial post will be about our hotel and to whet your whistle for the next few posts to come.

We stayed at the Dormero Hotel, in the Red Tower.  This is a very nice hotel, and since it is so close to an airport and several US military installations, it was quickly discovered that almost all of the employees spoke English.

We had a family room, which was two rooms, one queen size bed and one fold out couch.  There was a full walk in closet upon entering the room, which I liked (although dimly lit).

As we entered the room, I barked out my order, “Don’t touch anything!  Stay right there!” (“there” being right by the front door.  I wanted to get some pre-kid photos.  In the one below they were herded into the closet that’s just to the left of the entry door, bathroom was to the right).

The couch was already folded out and ready for our use when we arrived.  The kids got a kick out of having chocolates on their pillows.

Both rooms had these double tv screens.  The one on the left was a computer terminal of sorts, with internet access, weather, etc.  The right was the tv-tv.  We had a selection of new-ish (within the past three years) free movies to watch, various broadcast channels (all of the international stations were news and sports).  But the kids had fun watching Nickelodeon in German (did you know that German Dora teaches English and not Spanish.  I was a bit surprised, but it ended up being my favorite cartoon while there because I knew so many of the episodes, it was easier for me to figure out what the characters were saying).

Both rooms had these “entertainment banks”.  Though the one in the “kid’s room” didn’t work, which was fine by me.  We had too much to see and do to spend the day watching tv.  This was also the first time I’ve ever had various video tutorials for how to operate the controls in my room (lights on dimmers and various color selections, docking and data ports).  Obviously they were made for someone who didn’t have children staying in the room.  The kids had all of the light switches and other gadgets figured out within the first 5 minutes of being “loosed” in the room. 

We were very spoiled here.  Aside from chocolates on our pillows, the mini-bar was free and restocked daily.  We had the best hotel breakfast I have ever had during our stay.  And the bathroom sundries were more than the lilliputian shampoo/lotion you get at hotels in The States.

That “Comfort Box” was complete with travel toothbrush/toothpaste, Q-tips and cotton balls, disposable razor and shaving cream, sewing kit, shoe shine sponges, and a condom.  Not to mention, a full size hair dryer, double sink, magnifying mirror, weight scale, and towel warmer.

A deep bathtub and rainfall shower head.  

We had a nice view from the room, many green rooftops on the adjacent buildings.  There is a U-train station right behind the hotel too (more to come about that in my Day Two post).

There were many great things about this hotel and I’m kicking myself for not taking more photos.  The room hallways had motion sensor lighting, so when you’d first open your door, or come into the corridor, the light was all a dim red (remember, we were in the Red Tower), but as soon as you started to move down the hallway, the lights in that section would turn on illuminating everything.  For those who wanted, there’s a Turkish bath (if you don’t know that it is, look it up *wink, wink, nod, nod*), a casino, movie theater, several restaurants, bars, and clubs.  There is a biergarten, but it is closed during the winter. You could even catch a Broadway show, they were playing Mama Mia and Tarzan while we were there.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here.  It made a great base of operations for our daily excursions.  The room was comfortable, the staff very friendly and helpful.  Oh, and one last thing… room service dessert (I told you we were spoiled).

(Gratuitous phone-pic of a ravaged dessert tray.)

Check back later in the week for more posts about our trip.  It’s back to reality for me.  Time to switch the laundry and make dinner… at home, I am the room service 😦


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