Technology Bites

I updated my computer this weekend.  Sort of a mini OS update.  Now my photo editing and storage program, Aperture, constantly crashes.  I have finally stabilized it enough so I can export and save my library, which is slow going.  But forget trying to edit anything, even cropping causes it to crash.  I had long been thinking about switching to Lightroom, this might be the final push I need to make the change.

Hopefully I’ll get this straightened out sooner, rather than later.  I have pictures from some recent hikes and a Fasching parade I want to share with you.   So, be patient, I will return!


In honor of spring (early bulbs are starting to bloom around here – sorry East Coast!).


5 thoughts on “Technology Bites

  1. It is a beautiful picture. I have a question about the frog in the pic. It looks like it is still morphing from tadpole to frog, it also looks very large in the picture, which could be an illusion. How big was that frog in the picture?

    • I took that photo at Epcot, Disney World several years ago. We were in the Japanese gardens. I shot this with a Tamron 18-250mm lens, zoomed in pretty far (if I could access my metadata I would tell you, but I can’t even get that off with the program crashes 😛 ). I’d say the frog was the size of a large egg. Pretty big for this stage, but then again, it is a Disney frog. I didn’t realize they raised prince’s on the premises.

    • I bet that’s helping the mushers for the Iditarod. I’ve seen some photos and there’s been places on the train where there wasn’t snow.

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