Marostica, Italy – Part 2 Marostica

After a full day of shopping and only making time to eat snacks that we had brought, by evening, everyone was hungry for some good food.  It had been recommended that we check out the town Marostica, not far from Nove.  I’m really glad we did.  This town has an amazing history and is beautifully situated.  Looming over the town are the remains of a castle and fortifications, Castello Superiore.  Throughout the town are the remains of the city wall and watch towers.  There is also a lower castle, or Castello Inferiore.  You can tour the interiors of both of these castles, however, we arrived too late to do so, and didn’t have enough time.  We only had 2 hours to explore and eat.  Since many of the restaurants didn’t open until 7:00pm and we had arrived at 6:00, I broke off with a smaller group to do some exploring and grappa tasting.    IMG_9103



IMG_9106 One of the things this town is know for is the chess game that is played every two years, to commemorate a chess game that took place between two suitors seeking the hand of the ruler’s daughter.  In even numbered years, the game is payed with people as the pieces; in odd years, the town hosts chess tournaments.  We seemed to have arrived on a day where some event was about to take place.  We didn’t have much time to figure it out though, we were off to explore.  We headed up, towards the hill.  A trail will lead you from the town square to Castello Superiore, however, we didn’t have time for that.  So, we satisfied ourselves with exploring some churches and the exterior of a monastery.

















IMG_9158 Eventually, we wandered back towards the town square and skirted the perimeter until we stumbled onto this little gem, Osteria Madonneta.  We sat out back in a little courtyard.  Antipasti and wine, entrees.  Everything was very tasty.  Sadly, we couldn’t linger.  We paid our check and were off for the bus.  As we were making our way to the parking lot, we caught the beginning of a processional.  I would have loved to have stayed to watch what was going on, but we just couldn’t.  I managed to get a few photos as power walking turned to running.  And, you’ll never guess who I found…




IMG_9164One last look at the square, filling with people.  The evening sky aglow.  If you ever have the opportunity to travel through northern Italy, make Marostica a priority.


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